Ice-cream bread 

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I didn’t even know that there was a possibility of eating ice cream outside of the conventional way. Ok yes –  I’ve had it deep fried (beyond delicious) and in a sandwich but bread…actual bread. That almost makes it sound healthy!

So obviously, I had to throw down in the kitchen and bake it. Well it was between that and Potivica bread. Like the results of this recipe? Please vote on my Instagram for the #stylistcakeoff

You will need: 

2.5 cups of melted ice cream (any flavour of your choice – im using oreo and vanilla)2 cups of self raising flour 

A handful of pecans

1/3 cup butter

1/3 cup sugar


1. Preheat your oven to 180.

2. Scoop out 2.5 cups of your chosen ice cream. Make sure it’s softened. This is pretty key!

3. Add it to a bowl with 2 cups of self raising flour. (If you don’t have self-raising then make your own with a couple teaspoons of baking powder, pinch of salt and just all purpose flour)

4. Mix. Once combined pour into a greased loaf tin.

5. Bung in the oven for 45 mins. Half way through stick a skewer or cocktail stick in to see how it’s doing. If it’s getting too brown cover with greaseproof paper or foil to prevent it burning.

Once it’s done. It should be fluffy not dense! If it’s dense you’ve used too much flour or you didn’t let your ice cream soften enough.

To make the sauce:

  1. Melt sugar and butter in a pan. Keep stirring it and don’t let it burn!
  2. Once the butter and sugar have melted together then add in your pecans. Keep stirring. After about 30 seconds take off the heat and pour over the ice-cream bread.

You can also add in fruit or as I have done, add caramelised pecans afterwards as a sauce.

This bread can be eaten as a snack, for breakfast (as you would a waffle or pancake) or as a dessert bread. Either way it has ice-cream in it ….literally like food from somewhere angelic. Hubba hubba indeed!

Edible cats tongues

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So – cats tongues are officially edible. Even better they come dipped in chocolate… What’s not to love? (I know you must be confused at this point… stick with me)

Ok ok ok so I haven’t left any cats tongueless! Cor…what sort of person do you think I am?! But one thing I can promise, the cat will certainly have caught your tongue after you nibble on these bad boys!

You will need:

125g butter unsalted (room temp)

125g icing sugar

125g plain flour

Pinch of salt

Chocolate drops or buttons (to melt)

Pistachio nuts (or a nut of your choice)

Orange zest

3 large egg whites (room temp)

Piping bag and 1cm nozzle or sandwich bag 

Parchment or baking paper 

Cooling rack


1. Cream the butter and icing sugar. (Tip: icing sugar goes into a crazy cloud when you mix it. There’s pretty much no way to prevent this unless you want to get faffy. So best tip I have is this chop your butter up into little pieces. When you first start ‘mixing’ use the knife to cut the butter into the icing sugar. Then mix it. Oh and I know this is naughty but lick the air – it does taste delicious. Just be sure not to dribble!) Beat the mixture until pale. 

2. Half the sifted flour and beat it in one half at a time.

3. Grate your orange zest. Remember it’s just the zest so don’t grate too deep or you’ll get the pith. 

4. Add the salt and zest to the bowl. Then beat in the egg whites. (I know it does look weird at this point like it won’t come together but keep going and it will.) 


5. Add your nozzle to your piping bag. Spoon the mixture into the bag. Twist the top and squeeze it all so it’s compact. Chop the tip off the edge of the bag if you’re using a sandwich bag. 

6. Line a flat tray with parchment or baking paper. 

7. Pipe straight lines into the paper. The length of each biscuit can be about 6-7cm. Leave a two finger wide gap in between each biscuit. You need room for spread-age. Once you’ve piped them all out stick them in the fridge for 15 mins to settle. Before you do touch one lightly it should stick to your finger. 

8. Preheat the oven to 180 degrees. Take them out the fridge. Touch one of the biscuits. Does it feel firmer now? Great. It’s right where you want it to be. If there are tails on the end or bits you want to flatten. Dab some milk on your clean fingers and smooth them down. Put the biscuits in the oven for about 13 mins. 

When you take them out they should have a golden sunset edge and be pale in the middle. (If they’re not golden on the edges after 13 mins leave them in there for an extra minute). Take each biscuit off with a palette knife and place on a cooling rack. If you haven’t got a cooling rack use a meat grill or a cool slotted tray from the oven. 

Now time for the decor! Chop up your pistachios. Don’t bother with the food processor the thought of cleaning that whole thing for a small amount of nuts gives me a headache.   

Next melt your chocolate. You can either do this in the microwave in a matter of minutes (which I would do except I lost my microwave – don’t ask) or use a bain marie. If you use a bain marie remember don’t let the bowl touch the water!!    

 Ok now. Dip one side of your biscuits in the melted chocolate. Then sprinkle some nuts on top and place them back on the cooling rack. 

Continue until all have been decorated. Stick them in the fridge for 5 mins to firm up.   

Get a brew on. Take them out. And munch away.   

P.S: no cats were harmed in the making of these biscuits. 

For the weekend…

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The city of bikes, canals, great food and delicious sights. A perfect cocktail of culture, fun and beautiful scenery. Oh and did I mention the tongue twisting long words? Dutch is such a fascinating language but not one that my mouth had the dexterity to adapt to. Ah well maybe next time!

When we arrived it was crazy o’ clock in the morning. It always hurts to get a super early flight, but the bonus is you get to maximise your exploration time. We stayed in a hip student dig called The Student Hotel. I would highly recommend staying here. It has that boho Shoreditch/Hackney/Hoxton feel for student prices.

The hotel is right next to the train station and tram stop; and if you fancy being in the peddaling seat (ha see what I did there?) you can rent a bike right from the hotel.

Speaking of trams – beware of them. They come from all directions. The amount of close shaves I had over the weekend – navigating the streets trying to avoid being crushed by a tram was something else I tell you!

I had a mega list to get thru so got started right away. Anyways – I’ll let the photos do the talking…


Arriving a la easyjet. It was only a 45 min flight from London. Super quick! Just enough time to have a drink, stick some gum in your mouth and reapply your lippy.

Downton Amsterdam. Bikes and canals galore!

The famous Amsterdam Centraal  station.

The buildings were mostly all traditional. Enchanted with shutters and interesting roofs. Some of them although having stood the test of time have succumbed over the years. So they were slightly wonky or leaning forward precariously but this just added to the charm of the city.

Transportation is a big thing in Amsterdam. Anything with wheels has a lane on the road. There were the cutest most dinky little cars weaving in amongst the trams, bikes, and taxis . Some of them only seating one person with their dog squished on the drivers lap. So quaint.

The mall! Magna Plaza. When we stumbled across it we were so happy and thought all our shopping dreams were going to come true… The shops were disappointing though.


Saturday was the whole reason behind the trip. Attending Vestival Global. It’s an urban festival in Den Haag, Rotterdam. So after a lazy breakfast we got all festival ready and headed out.

I went for a 70’s esque look as that’s the look of the season and mixed in a few compulsory festival tattoos.

Hearing this station stop pronounced resulted in an eruption of giggles…   
Double decker trains just like America!

Some of the place names were similar to America too! In fact, there seems to be a heavy american influence in Amsterdam. The roads all work on a grid system just like NYC.
Entering the festival reminded me of midsummer nights dream. We had to walk through this lovely row of trees to enter the grounds. We partied all day right on into the early hours. And on the way back we discovered what I can only dub as the fastest fast food ever…

Burger vending machines!!! The burgers tasted like some kind of lump of meatloaf you’d see in The Simpsons *gag*  but the novelty was pretty cool.


After a walk around we eventually found the most famous house in Amsterdam – Anne Frank’s house. We tried in vain to book online but it was sold out until September! Gutting. When we arrived the queue was over 3 hours long and we didn’t have the time to spare. So this is the only momento of her house. But that’s an excellent reason to return – so it’s been added to the ‘Return to Dam’ list.  

Then it was off to the Tulip Museum. Spotted a Flat Iron style building on the way.  
Then we went off to find the famous flea market near Waterlooplein. Kind of a stupid idea on a Sunday (we didn’t think!)  – obviously when we arrived it was like a ghost town. But we stumbled across a very dapper vintage shop called Kilo – where you pay by the kilo. Obvs.  

We left and went back across town to the tulip market. This area is flooded with seagulls… One of whom (prob cousin to the one in the pic below) decided to grace me with the contents of its tummy and poo splat right on my arm. I almost died from the shock. And… why has no one ever said that bird poo falling from a height hurts?!! I thought someone slapped my arm!! It really hurt!!! Needless to say lots of people were getting pooed on so we vacated the area asap and headed over to the Heineken factory.

Beautiful stained glass in the brewing room.
Free food on the Heineken canal boat!!

Next stop Museum Square. The Rijksmuseum is the backdrop to the square. Just infront of it sits the famous ‘Iamsterdam’ letters. (Climbing those is just another story it itself. I commandeered an innocent gentlemen to help me on and off one of the letters. The process was so unglamourous but the photo was worth it.)

There’s so much more to add but this post would get inordinately long! Needless to say we did as much as we physically could in a weekend while in Amsterdam – and of course we did all the traditional stuff like canal boat rides, bike rides (well it was a rikshaw – our feet were so tired from all the walking), eating crepes and pancakes, buying and eating crazy amounts of cheese, checking out delftware, walking thru the red light district …the list goes on. Amsterdam courted me well. But there’s still an extensive list left so Amsterdam will be back on the cards soon…

…Tot straks Amsterdam. Toedeledoki!

Happy happy lamb

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Cooking this recipe will make you happy and eating it will make you even happier. And who doesn’t want to be happy? So get going…your happy happy lamb awaits! 

You will need:

12 lamb chops 

Greek yoghurt (if you’re dairy intolerant use coconut milk instead)

1/2 red onion 

1/2 white onion 

3 cloves garlic 

2-3 tablespoons of harissa paste

4 or 5 stems of rosemary

2 glugs of olive oil 

3 tsb whole grain mustard

2 tsb peppercorns 

3 pinches of salt 

3 tablespoons of honey 

3 tsb herbs du provence

4 sandwich/ ziplock bags


1. Chop up your onion into slices and crush your garlic into a bowl. Glug in your olive oil. Add the pepper, herbs du provence, salt and harissa. 

2. Wash and pat dry your lamb chops with some kitchen towel. Put three in each of the ziplock bags. 

3.  Add the greek yoghurt (or coconut milk – don’t forget to shake it) to the bowl with the onions etc. Mix it all so it combines. 

4. Add the onion mixture equally to each of the four bags. Pull of the rosemary sprigs and add some to each of the bags. Zip them up and massage everything so that all the chops are coated. (If you don’t want to use the bags you can just kid it all in a bowl or the tray that you’ll cook them in.) 

Now you are all done. So from here there are two options. Refrigerate them overnight and cook them the next day once they’ve made friends in the fridge. Or you can marinate it for a shorter time (even half an hour is enough) in the fridge and then go ahead and cook them. 

You don’t have to do these in the oven (if you do cook until pink approx xxx mins on 180) – you can put them on the BBQ too. That chargrilled BBQ flavour is the pièce du résistance! 

Either way, once they are done, mix the mustard and honey together and drizzle it over the hot lamb chops.  I’ve served mine with leeks, rainbow chard, and tortillas. 


Bucket List

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Oh my goodness it’s pretty much August. Summer will be over in a month! (Can you believe it?!) Which got to me to thinking – July was over in a blink, I have to maximise August! London has soooo much on offer and I want to absorb it all and live the {dream} for the summer. At the beginning of September,  I want to be able to look back sncf see a colourful rainbow of fun to reminisce on…

Here’s my summer bucket list:

  • Watch a movie outside on a rooftop somewhere preferably under the stars
  • Go to the theatre
  • Discover somewhere new in London
  • Take a drive to the beach
  • People watch
  • Sketch/paint for a few hours
  • Picnic in the park with friends
  • Write a poem
  • Explore three new exhibitions
  • Go to a concert
  • Star gaze
  • Learn something new – doughnut making or bread making course?
  • Enjoy a summer read
  • Make pickles for the winter
  • Have a tourist day in London
  • Donate some items to charity


  • Go away on holiday somewhere

Quite a list for what is left of summer… If you have any suggestions I would love to hear them! 

You can follow my bucket list on my Instagram where I’ll be snapping it all.  In the meantime happy friyay! 🙂 

Oh and… Pinch, punch, first of the month… Just thought I’d get in there early! 

Iris Apfel – 93 year old Covergirl

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“…you’re not pretty – you’ll never be pretty. You have something much better – you have style.” – Mrs Loehmann

Iris Apfel the fashionista to trump all fashionista’s. Secretly, we all have an inner Iris, she is just brave enough to own and wear her pretty loud and proud. There is definitely something to be said for that. I often have the urge to scoop up cute old ladies and put them in my pocket (in the nicest of ways) – Iris is certainly top of that ‘to scoop’ list.

Iris shares her opinions life, making the movie, seeing herself on screen and everything in between here – despite her expressionless face (I haven’t seen her crack a smile yet), her unassuming nature and dry wit make her addictive to watch. She has some classic one liners! Who knew a nasally monotone southern drawl could be infatuating?

My appetite is suitably whet. Cannot wait to watch it when it comes out on 31st July.

Hair hack

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Hair. A girl’s crown and glory… Went to have luxe hair? Need to rejuvenate your hair? Here’s a DIY conditioning treatment that will boost your barnet guaranteed. I use it when my hair is lack lustre. It’s all au naturele, perfect for summer and very easy to do at home. 

You will need:

Fresh aloe vera leaf (medium)

A medium cup of coconut milk 

3 tablespoons of olive oil 

Lavender/ tea tree or chamomile essential oil (a few drops optional) 
Disposable latex gloves

Shower cap 

Cling film 


A container 

Hand blender 


1. Cut the aloe vera length ways. Scrape out all the jelly inside into your container with a spoon. The jelly will come out in lumps.   

2. Pour in your olive oil, essential oil and coconut milk to the same container. 

3. Using your blender give it all a whizz around. The olive oil will emulsify into the mixture. Once it’s combined stop blending. 

4. Section your hair. It can be damp (after being shampooed – if you’ve just shampooed your hair use warm to hot water before you apply this. Warm water opens your pores which is perfect) or dry (applied as a treatment).   

5. Put on your disposable gloves. (Aloe Vera is super bitter so you probably won’t want any residue left on your hands hence the gloves).  Apply the coconut milk mixture to each section of your hair. 


6. Once your hair is completely covered. Wrap cling film around your entire head enclosing all your hair. Then put a shower cap over the cling film. 

7. Go and make a cup of tea and catch up on a good book for half an hour while the treatment does its thing. 

8. Half an hour up? Massage your scalp with your gloves on. Next risne off your hair with warm water. Finish off with cool water so that your pores close and keep in all that lovely goodness. 

Dry your hair as normal and apply a small amount of argan oil or coconut oil to moisturise (if you have afro hair). You should be able to smell the essential oil from the treatment on your hair. 

So what was the point of my hair hack recipe? Well, coconut milk is good for hair loss, it’s a natural moisturiser and treats dry scalp. Aloe vera is just a miracle plant and works for everything! It is even good to be eaten (tastes very bitter though). For hair it is a great frizz controller, it also cleans, nourishes and protects your hair and promotes shine. Olive oil thickens hair, it is a excellent deep conditioner. So if you’ve chemically treated or dyed your hair olive oil is great for rejuvenating it. 

This treatment can be done as regularly as you like. If you have left over potion stick it in the fridge it will last up to two days. 

Let me know how you get on with my recipe! 

Meat-free Monday!

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Squid with minature Charlotte potatoes and roasted vegetable medley

Sweet, spice and all things nice

You will need:

– 3 medium squid tubes (pop the tentacles in the freezer, I have an excellent recipe that I’ll post up soon for them)

– 112g of chorizo sausage (for meat free leave these out) 

– 1 teaspoon of ground salt

– 1 teaspoon pink peppercorns or ground black pepper

– 1 teaspoon of chilli flakes

– 1.5 teaspoons of allspice

– olive oil

– 250g of charlotte potatoes or another miniature potato variety

– 3 medium carrots

– 2 courgettes

– 1 large red onion

– 8 – 10 cherry tomatoes

– 6 mini mixed whole peppers or 2 large

– 1 leek


  1. Get a roasting tray in a warm the oven. Peel, wash and chop up all your veg. Once the tray in the oven is warm. Stick in some thyme sprigs and whole garlic cloves in the oil in the pan. Pile the veg in. Sprinkle over with salt and pepper. Mix all the veg around well and then put it in the oven.

    Tip: put your red onions underneath the other veg – keeps them moist and stops them burning!

  2. Wash your squid, slice each tube in half long ways and leave it to dry off. Season with salt, pepper and chilli flakes. You can lightly score one side so when it curls up it looks pretty. Or you can just leave it as is.     
  3. Wash and scrape off any unsightly bits from your potatoes. Stick them on to boil.
  4. Chop up your chorizo into small pieces and get a frying pan on a high heat.  Once your pan is hot, add in your chorizo. A red paprika oil will melt out of the sausage meat – it will add a beautiful colour to the squid later. Once the oil has started to melt out, add in the squid. Keep the squid moving in the pan. You don’t want it to catch! It will change from a solid white colour to a more translucent white with some curly caramalised edges. As soon as the edges start to curl up get ready to take it off the heat. It doesn’t need to be in there for long or it’ll get all tough!
  5. Remove your roasted veg from the oven. Toss the veg around in the pan. If there are any juices in the bottom of the tray (there probably will be) add them to the pan with the squid.
  6. Drain off your potatoes. Stick a knife in them to check they are done. They should be firm not mushy.

Finally… If you haven’t got time to swat up the best tip on knowing what to buy is: shop at your local market – they won’t have what’s not in season. And no matter where you shop (this applies to the supermarket too) go with what looks and smells good. For example, do the tomatoes smell sweet with a tang? Are they firm with some give to touch? What about the colour is it vibrant?

Aren’t the colours beautiful?

Whoo…bring onthe rest of 

summer! I can’t wait to rustle up more deliciousness in the kitchen and sample some summery delights. I’ll post up some more of my creations soon…

This week in brief…

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As I post this it’s absolutely bucketing down in London. But still… I’ve had a great week 🙂    
| The Shard | London | Summer

 | Coffee | Meetings | Decor

| Door traits | Public Library | History


| Shopping | Westfields | Reflection    

| Unique | Art | Gabriel Nkweti Lafitte

| Teapot envy | Museum | Alison Appleton

| Peaches | Ice cream | Perfect combo    

| Carbonara pizza | Inspo | Monochrome


| Bloomsbury | Mosaic | Sheltering from the rain  


| Flowers | Ombre | Friyay


Peaches and (ice) cream

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Because some things are just meant to be eaten together. All you need is 10 mins and you’ll have a summer sunset on your plate to indulge in. 

You will need: 

3 ripe peaches

3 teaspoons of popping candy 

Handful of basil leaves 

3 meringue nests 

3 tablespoons of muscavado or brown cane sugar 

2 tablespoons of butter 

Vanilla pod (optional) 

Amaretto (optional) 

Vanilla ice cream (or a lemon ice cream works well too). 



1. Wash the peaches. Slice them in half and remove the stone. 

2. Turn on frying pan or griddle pan onto a medium heat. 

3. Slice up basil. 

4. Add the butter and the sugar. Optional: you can add a tiny bit of mixed spice to the butter sugar mixture.  

Tip: use a metal spoon rather than a wooden one. Stops it sticking as much!


5. Add the peaches to the frying pan flesh side down. 

6. Keep the butter and sugar moving. As soon as it starts to melt add in the amaretto and flambé. The longer you leave it the more caramalised it will get. (Tip: boil the kettle, have hot water ready to pour in the pan once you’ve taken all the ingredients out. It’ll stop everything going rock hard for when you have to wash up.) 


7. Keep the pan on the heat for about another 30 seconds – 1 minute. Then remove from the heat. 

This is where you need to be quick. So get your skates on…  

Get out some serving bowls. Place two peach halves in each bowl. Sprinkle on basil. Dollop in a spoon of icecream on top of the peaches.  Then crush a meringue nest on top. Sprinkle on a teaspoon of popping candy. Job done. Enjoy!